Bowls Link IT Training

The new National IT System has been in the works this year and we are finally set to go with it.  Bowls Tasmania in conjunction with Bowls Australia will be conducting training in each of the regions in a couple of weeks to assist with how to use the new Membership Database and also how to use the Competition Management System.

Please note the old database is now out of operation and therefore any work done in that system will not transfer over to the new system, including transfers.  So please hold off any of this work until after the training sessions.

We suggest that all Club Secretaries and anyone who assists in your Club with the database please attend the Database training sessions.  And any proposed Match Managers for the new season or anyone that will be working on the competition section (this includes entering pennant results) attend these sessions.

It is recommended that clubs bring along at least 1 laptop or similar between your attendees so you can complete the training.  The training is going to be an interactive session and Kelvin from Bowls Australia will be setting up trial competitions for everyone to practice entering results in. Therefore could we please ensure that Clubs rsvp by Friday 6th September to ensure we know numbers for each session and have the appropriate training setup.

The Schedule is as follows;

Monday 9th September (South)
Rosny Park 11am – 1pm Competition
Rosny Park 2pm – 4pm Database
Rosny Park 6pm – 8pm Competition
Rosny Park 8.30pm – 10.30pm Database

Tuesday 10th September (South)
Kingborough 10am – 12pm Competition
Kingborough 1pm – 3pm Database

Glenorchy City 5pm – 7pm Competition
Glenorchy City 8pm – 10pm Database

Wednesday 11th September (North)
Invermay 12pm – 2pm Competition
Invermay 3pm – 5pm Database
Invermay 6.30pm – 9.30pm Competition/Database

Thursday 12th September (North West)
Devonport 12pm – 2pm Competition
Devonport 3pm – 5pm Database
Devonport 6.30pm – 9.30pm Comp/Database

Friday 13th September (North West)
Burnie 9.30am – 11.30am Competition
Burnie 12pm – 2pm Database