Updated BTS Coronavirus Policy

The BTS Board has updated its Coronavirus Policy as a result of changed Government policy which come into effect from Friday 11 December 2020.     The BTS Board has obtained the following from the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus website:

Changes to dancing, standing and drinking alcohol and household gathering restrictions

From 5pm Friday 11 December 2020, household gatherings of up to 100 people will be permitted.

 In addition standing and drinking alcohol, and dancing will be permitted by up to 100 people at indoor venues and 250 people in outdoor venues.

If the existing density limit of one person per 2 square metres allows, there can be additional patrons in the indoor venue or an outdoor area, as long as they are not standing and drinking alcohol or dancing.

 The upcoming changes do not alter the current number caps for non-residential premises – 250 in an indoor space and 1000 outdoors – or the requirement of at least 2 square metres per person.

The updated policy is attached below:

BTS Coronavirus Policy 11 December 2020