Rotation of players in Saturday Pennant Division 7

The reduction of Saturday Pennant Division 7 from three to two rinks in 2020-21 has meant that some Clubs now have an excess of players.

Following discussion of this proposal at the recent Delegates Meeting, the BTS Board has agreed to initiate a trial in 2020-21 to allow Clubs to rotate players in Saturday Pennant Division 7

Guidelines are as follows:

  • In Division 7 only clubs may play five players in any of their rinks.
  • All five players must be nominated prior to the game and all listed on the result sheet.
  • All five players must play a minimum of seven ends each.
  • Rinks can only rotate players after the 7th and 14th
  • If the player coming in replaces a skip or a third they must take the position of the player they are replacing, if replacing a lead or a second they may change those two positions.
  • All five players will be deemed to have officially played the game.
  • Score cards must list all players who played in a rink on the day

The aim of this proposal is to allow Clubs with excess players to play all of them each week and thus reduce the risk of losing them to the game.