Important Dates

14-Oct-19 Opening Day;

16-Oct-19 Midweek Pennant commences;

17-Oct 19 Women’s Pennant commences;

19-Oct-19 Saturday Pennant commences;

18-Dec-19 Midweek Pennant last day before Christmas break;

19-Dec-19 Women’s Pennant last day before Christmas break;

21-Dec-19 Saturday Pennant last day before Christmas break;

8-Jan-20 Midweek Pennant recommences;

9-Jan-20 Women’s Pennant recommences;

11-Jan-20 Saturday Pennant recommences;

19-Mar-20 Women’s Pennant Semi Finals;

25-Mar-20 Midweek Pennant Semi Finals;

26-Mar-20 Women’s Pennant Preliminary Finals;

28-Mar-20 Saturday Pennant Semi-Finals;

29-Mar-20 Saturday Pennant Preliminary Finals;

1-Apr-20 Midweek Pennant Preliminary Finals;

2-Apr-20 Women’s Pennant Grand Finals;

4-Apr-20 Saturday Pennant Grand Finals;

5-Apr-20 Saturday Pennant Reserve Day for Finals;

5-Apr-20 Saturday Pennant Premier Division Grand Final (in case of inclement weather the Grand Final will be played at an Indoors Centre);

8-Apr-20 Midweek Pennant Grand Finals;

8-Apr-20 Barefoot Bowls Champion of Champions Championship;

15&16-Apr-20 Women’s State Pennant Finals (South); and

18&19-Apr-20 Saturday State Pennant Finals (North).